Free V Bucks and Skins
How to Get Free V Bucks from Daily Quests (UP TO 500/DAY) – Tutorial/Guides

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Free V Bucks and Skins - How to Get Free V Bucks from Daily Quests (UP TO 500/DAY) – Tutorial/Guides

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a third-person shooter videogame available on all consoles, including mobile versions. Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and the company People Can Fly and was released in late 2017. On a story level, you play as a survivor in a zombie-like apocalypse and you must gather resources and build forts, alongside other players. This fort-building mechanic is really what makes this game unique, with the ability to build (and destroy) most things in the game world. This allows for creativity, including building massive ramps and ladders to cross the entire map of the game. You can also straight up fight these zombies, called husks in the game, by collecting weapons and ammo. The game is silly and vibrant in nature, so both weapons and enemies veer towards the ridiculous. When the game first launched, the default mode was called Save the World, where you can play in a four-person team and you must stop waves of husks, by storing up resources and building up your fort. This cost as much as a normal video game would, however a new mode to the game was released and this mode was standalone and was free to download, called Battle Royale. This mode features 100 players in a match, where you can either play solo or in groups of up to four people, and you now face off against other real people, utilizing your shooting and fort-building skills to be the last ones standing. As the match progresses, you must stay inside a giant circle that is slowly shrinking, so that you can’t just hide on the fringes and expect to win the game. Again, the Battle Royale mode is free to download and is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation other, so you might be on your phone playing against someone on their PS4. While it is free to download, there are optional things you can buy with real world money, mostly including character models so that your character stands out and emotes, so that your character can dance or showoff in the most interesting way. A lot of these dancing emotes are based on real life dances or viral phenomenons. More recently, we see an interesting collaboration with Marvel as the villain Thanos appeared in Fortnite, in a new mode to fight over the infinity gauntlet. This was a limited time mode but an interesting experiment that will likely result in more crossovers in the future. Now, let’s zoom out. As of May 2018, there are about 45 million active players. That’s massive. It’s not just big to play, it’s big to watch. Many people are playing and streaming their games for the world to see, the biggest of which is a man named Ninja, Tyler Blevins. Using the streaming service Twitch, Ninja makes about $500,000 a month by streaming Fortnite almost exclusively. He made the mainstream news when rapper Drake joined him for some games, reaching 600,000 watchers at one time. Do you play Fortnite? Do you think the genre of Battle Royale is here to stay? Head down to the comments and give us your thoughts!

Free V Bucks and Skins - How to Get Free V Bucks from Daily Quests (UP TO 500/DAY) – Tutorial/Guides

In other words. This is Fortnite. It begins with 100 players on the battle bus, which is a bus plus a hot air balloon. Battle bus. All the players skydive down to the island. This is a map of the island. There are spots called Lonely Lodge, and Moisty Mire, and Tilted Towers. But don’t drop there. Because then you’ll die. Fortnite is not to be confused with fortnight, which is just an outdated term for 14 days. Boring. But this type of fortnite is not boring because once you land everyone is trying to kill you. The last one standing wins so you need to find weapons, like a scar, or a shotgun, or a sniper rifle, or a crossbow. But don’t use the crossbow. Because then you’ll die. You’ll also need to use your pickaxe to get materials like wood, stone and metal so you can build. Build to get the high ground and also for protection. You can also hide with the bush. But don’t use the bush, because you’ll look like a newb. Finally, you’ll need to stay inside the eye of the storm. The area gets smaller, which means you're closer to people trying to kill you, which probably means you’ll die. But if you don’t die, that means you won. Do an emote. Fortnite attracts many types of players. Like Tilted Tyrants, master builders, trap trolls, and pros. A big time pro is ninja. He played with Drake. When they play together it's God's Plan. When Drake hides in a bush it's God’s Plant. Visualize Fortnite, and anything else, with Lucidchart.

  • Daily Destroy (Arcade Machin.) – Destroy 6 Arcade Machines in successful missions (often found in City zones) – 50 V Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Fire Trucks) – Destroy 3 Fire Trucks in successful missions (often found in City zones) – 50 V Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Garden Gnomes) – Destroy 3 Garden Gnomes in successful missions (often found hidden in every zone) – 50 V Backs
  • Daily Destroy (Park Seesaws) – Destroy 8 Park Seesaws in successful missions (often found in Suburban zones) – 50 V Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Propane Tanks) – Destroy so Propane Tanks in successful missions (often found in Industrial zones) – 50 V Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Server Racks) – Destroy 4 Server Racks in successful missions (often found in Bunkers and Shelters) – 5o V Bucks

Why is Fortnite such a big deal?

The game has more than 45 million players worldwide. There are often millions playing at the same time. It's most popular game mode is free to play. The game mixes elements of Minecraft and survival shooting games in its popular Battle Royale mode. In Battle Royale mode, 100 players fight and the last survivor wins. So who's, actually playing Fortnite? Fortnite is popular with gamers of all ages even really young kids but it has an official rating of M in Australia violence is a big part of the game but it isn't particularly bloody or gory Gamers can also talk to each other during combat So it's recommended young gamers take care talking to people they don't know Will Fortnite always be free? The game doesn't need to cost money for the makers to profit it's already making lots of money from in game purchases For example, this outfit would set you back about $25 AUD In February 2018, Fortnite reportedly made more than $160 Million So, what's next for Fortnite? it's just launched on mobile devices and its popularity continues to grow and snatch headlines



Daily Quеsts arе about pеrforming cеrtain actions in thе Fortnite gamе. Whеn you do thеm, you will bе rеwardеd with around 50 V-Bucks еvеry day. Aftеr complеting thе tutorial, you will gеt nеw Daily Quеsts automatically. 


On somе days or ocasions, Epic Games gives away V-Bucks for thеir playеrs. Somеtimеs thеy givе away rеally HUGE amounts. To get V-Bucks, you just havе to log in to your Fortnite gamе account at thе right momеnt. 

Cool, isn’t it? Getting V-Bucks for almost nothing! You can sеarch on thе intеrnеt or ask othеr Fortnite playеrs whеn to login to get as many V-Bucks as it is possiblе. 


Thе third and in our opinion thе most profitablе mеthod of getting more V-Bucks is about filling up spеcial Fortnite onlinе offеrs. You can get up to 13500 V-Bucks aftеr complеting thеm! So how do thеy work? It’s simplе – whеn you accеss cеrtain offеr (for еxamplе thе onе that is linkеd to “CLICK HERE” button on this pagе) you havе to answеr a fеw quеstions about Fortnite gamе, thеn providе rеal information about you. Thе advеrtisеr – National Consumеr Center – chеcks if you complеtеd an offer corrеctly. If yеs, you might havе a chance to get up to 13500 V-Bucks. You havе to kееp in mind that not еvеryonе can obtain thеsе V-Bucks. But it’s still worth a shot! 

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